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To start your sweet order, first visit our piggymenu18.pdf and the remaining of this page and our FAQs page!  Then, call us at 919-346-7173 to place an order.

How To Order

Please order by emailing us at pinkpiggysweets@gmail.com.  Or by sending a FaceBook message. We do not accept verbal orders. 


Deliveries are available and arranged on a case-by-case basis.  Delivery fees are calculated by distance traveled and set-up time.  Minimum delivery charge is $5 and goes up from there depending on location.

All orders must be picked up from the PopUp.  While it is generally not a problem for clients to transport smaller cakes, self-transporting any cake is at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to any client-transported cake once it has left our possession.

Rush Order

All rush orders will incur a rush fee starting at $25.  Varying price depends on bakery schedule.

Payments Accepted

  1. Cash

  2. Cash App

  3. MasterCard

  4. American Express

  5. Discover

  6. Visa

  7. Personal Checks

  8. No Electronic Checks


We want to bring the sweets to you and to your family and friends throughout the US.  More details here.

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Order Cancellation

Need to cancel?  PLEASE contact us at 919-346-7173 immediately.

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