The day has come!  Your family and friends will come together to celebrate your marriage!  We understand the importance of this day as well as the importance of the details.

As with all of our cakes, we will customize your made-from-scratch sweet using the highest quality organic ingredients.

Nut free, gluten free or Vegan guests?  No problem.  We can accommodate your guests.

Dessert table?  No problem.  Our Trough-of-Sweets can be as minimal or as elaborate as you would like with a display of our chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, cake pops, mini-cupcakes, and even chocolate “mud” strawberries!

We welcome all of your ideas and pictures.  Your entire wedding day should be exactly as you wish!

We appreciate your interest in Pink Piggy Sweets.  Call us to arrange a tasting ($30) and share your upcoming event.

Wedding Sweets

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